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Graduate School Web Resources

Gourman Rankings

This website allows you to examine the National Research Council rankings of various types of Psychology Ph.D. programs. Select a particular area of psychology, discover the rankings of programs within that area, and click on the links to each of the programs websites in order to learn more!

Search for graduate school programs by subject or by graduate school. This website allows you to choose an area of the United States, and it will then provide all the programs (Masters, Ph.D, and Psy.D.) that are offered in that particular area of the United States. This website does not always provide links to the websites of each program, so you may have to search for those yourself.

US News & World Report Graduate School Rankings

This website offers the US News & World Report's Graduate School Program Rankings, along with a detailed school directory, search and comparison tools, articles, and more. This is a great site to look for graduate school rankings of fields other than psychology (for example, education, law, or business programs).

American Psychological Association (APA) Online For Students

The APA's website for students offers information on nearly all subjects in psychology that are related to students' pursuits of education, training, and careers in psychology. It offers information on graduate school, post-doctoral programs, scholarships, grants, best-selling books, careers, salary surveys, and much more!