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Students who study psychology at Ohio State take courses in the brain and behavior, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology and social psychology. Psychology students have access to faculty who are prominent researchers and have opportunities to work alongside them in research labs, studying topics such as emotion regulation, childhood mood disorders, stress and health in pregnancy, language perception, psychopharmacology, attitude formation and the biology of human social interactions.Psychology

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Upcoming Events

Pediatric Psychology: What is it and how can I get involved?

Presenter: Emily Shultz, B.S., Research Assistant at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Pediatric psychology is a field of clinical psychology that focuses on the health and well-being of children and families. Pediatric psychologists can be clinicians, researchers, and/ or mentors, and have an important role in the interdisciplinary medical team. This presentation will focus on the field of pediatric psychology, the clinical issues that children with chronic or acute health conditions face, and the training required to become a pediatric psychologist. The presenter will also discuss the primary duties of a psychology research assistant and how students can find research and volunteer opportunities in the area of healthcare and pediatric psychology. Join us on Thursday, December 3 at 5:30pm in PS 35 to learn more about this field. Please register for this event.

Psychology 4998 Fair

On Wednesday, December 9 from 11:30-1:30, we are holding our second annual Psychology 4998 Fair in the Psychology Building room 35. Many of our psychology research labs are looking for students to help with their research projects beginning in spring semester. At this fair, representatives from these labs will be available to take your information and answer your questions. If you’ve wanted to get involved in research in our department, this is a great opportunity! But you can’t just show up! All of the labs want you to bring things to the fair and some want you to send them things ahead of time, so register now!



Psychology 2220 Learning Lab - Open on Reading Day!

The Psychology 2220 Learning Lab will be not be open during finals (December 11-17), but we are holding special hours on Reading Day! The Learning Lab will be open from 10:00am-2:00pm on Reading Day (December 10, 2015). The Learning Lab (LZ 15) is a great place to study for your Psych 2220 class. If you have questions or confusion, our Peer Experts are there to help.

Applications for Psychology Club officers for 2016-2017

Would you like to be an officer in the Psychology Club next year? Learn more about these leadership positions on the officer application. Applications are due on January 1, 2016 by 5pm.