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Students who study psychology at Ohio State take courses in the brain and behavior, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology and social psychology. Psychology students have access to faculty who are prominent researchers and have opportunities to work alongside them in research labs, studying topics such as emotion regulation, childhood mood disorders, stress and health in pregnancy, language perception, psychopharmacology, attitude formation and the biology of human social interactions. Psychology Spring


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Denman Research Results
Please join me in congratulating the students an their research advisors below, who took awards at the Denman Research Forum. In addition, our department had four nominees for the 2017 Denman Research Mentor:

1st place: Havovi Desai
Advisor: Dr. Julian Thayer
Title: The association of resting heart rate variability and false memory: a preliminary study focused on memory valence

1st place: Nicole Puccetti
Advisor: Dr. Ruchika Prakash
Title: Age-related differences in mind-wandering: implications for attentional control

2nd place: Emily Allen
Advisor: Dr. Joseph Green
Title: Exploring expressive writing to reduce test anxiety on an introductory psychology exam

2nd place: Tyler Knaplund
Advisor: Dr. Duane Wegener
Title: The effects of attitudinal ambivalence on anchoring

3rd place: Kate Conroy
Advisor: Dr. Kristen Carpenter
Title: The relationship between female sexual distress, general distress, and sexual pain among gynecologic cancer survivors

3rd place: Olivia Fitzpatrick
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Strunk
Title: In-session cognitive change as a predictor of session-to-session symptom change in cognitive therapy for depression

2017 Denman Research Mentor Nominees:
Joseph Green
Jessica Irons
Daniel Strunk
DeWayne Williams

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Honors in Psychology:

Congratulations to the following Psychology Majors who have recently been approved for candidacy for Graduation with Honors in the Arts and Sciences:

Brenna Lammers
Taylor Swenski
Megan Secard
Adelle Kenney

Congratulations to the following Psychology Majors who have recently been approved for candidacy for Graduation with Honors Research Distinction in the Arts and Sciences:

Abby Mills