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The Undergraduate Advising Office assists students in answering questions regarding the undergraduate program in psychology, considering career options, applying to graduate school, facilitating involvement in the major, and encouraging choices leading to successful completion of a degree in psychology.



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Applying to Graduate School in Psychology Workshop

Are you considering applying to doctoral programs in psychology (PhD or PsyD)? If so, mark your calendar for our annual Applying to Graduate School in Psychology Workshop! The national acceptance rate for clinical psychology and counseling psychology PhD programs is about 7%. How can you be a better applicant to these programs? Join us on Monday, April 20 to hear from faculty and graduate students about what you can be doing to better your chances of being accepted into these programs. We offer a variety of sessions from 4:30 until 8:00pm, and students are welcome to come to one or all of the sessions. Students of all years are welcome to attend - it's never too early to start preparing! Please register for this event.




Psychology 2220 Learning Lab

Are you ready for your Psych 2220 final? The Learning Lab (LZ 15) is a great place to study. When you have questions or confusion, our Peer Experts are there to help! The last day the Learning Lab will be open is Thursday, April 30. If you are taking Psych 2220 this summer, the Lab will reopen in June.


Alumni Spotlight

Have you ever considered Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology as a career path? Or maybe you are thinking to yourself, “I’ve never even heard of I/O Psychology!” If so, check out our featured alum for March, Maura Stevenson. Maura is using her expertise of I/O Psychology in her current position as Vice President of Talent Management at the Wendy’s Company.

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2014 - 2015 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Psychology Department Scholarships for this year!


Ask an Alum

Interested in exploring careers with a Psychology degree? Want to connect with alumni to learn more about their career paths and expertise? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then check out our Ask an Alum Program!


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