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Students who study psychology at Ohio State take courses in the brain and behavior, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology and social psychology. Psychology students have access to faculty who are prominent researchers and have opportunities to work alongside them in research labs, studying topics such as emotion regulation, childhood mood disorders, stress and health in pregnancy, language perception, psychopharmacology, attitude formation and the biology of human social interactions.Psychology Spring


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Welcome Back Psychology Students!!!

For urgent first week advising issues, walk in hours are ALL WEEK LONG:

Walk In Dates and Times:

August 23rd-August 26th: 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm

Stop! and Think! Film Series:

September 28th: "Do You Really Want to Know?" An engaging look at testing for Huntington's Disease. To register for this event, click here. For more info, check out the Stop! and Think! webpage.

November 9th: "Living on One Dollar" Find out what it's like to live on $1 a day in rural Guatamala. To register for this event click here. For more info, check out Stop! and Think! webpage.

Psychology Enrichment Program:

September 19th: "Understanding Implicit Bias: How and When Our Actions Fail to Match Our Motivations" presented by Dr. Russell Fazio. To register, click here. For more info, check out the PEP webpage.

October 6th: "From Behavrio to the Brain: Modeling Fetal Alcohol Exposure" presented by Dr. Derick Lindquist. To register for this event click here. For more info, check out the PEP webpage

November 8th: "Career Exploration in Psychology" presented by Laura Whitaker. To register for this event click here. For more info, check out the PEP webpage

Psychology Career, Internship and Graduate School Fair:

Need help figuring out what to do with psychology degree after graduation? Looking for a part time internship this spring? Register for this year's career fair, which takes place on October 25th from 5:00-7:00pm. For more information, click out the webpage!





Scholarship Winners in Psychology:

Congratulations to the following psychology department scholarship award winners:

Sara Bechtel

Ashley Brancamp

Abbey Chappell

Olivia Fitzpatrick

Emily Markham

Further congratulations to these psychology majors, who were awarded the Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship:

Courtney Caldwell

Kathleen Florentine

Mary Imre

Amber Schreck

Thomas Sodeman

Lastly, check out the psychology majors who received awards at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum in March. Psychology majors placed in both the Psychology and SBS divisions.