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Psychology Honors Research Mentorship Program

A three-year, intensive research experience

The Psychology Honors Research Mentorship Program is an opportunity for Psychology Honors students to work closely with a faculty member to develop and hone their research skills during their undergraduate career. This program is intended for students who plan to pursue doctoral-level graduate work in psychology and are considering a career in academia and/or one that involves research. Psychology Honors students may apply into this program during spring term of their freshman year. Students are expected to have completed their requirements in Research Methods and Data Analysis before joining the program or to enroll in these courses in summer or autumn after their freshman year.


Applications to the Research Mentorship Program are due on March 1.


Questions? Contact Dr. Alisa Paulsen or call the Psychology Advising Office at (614) 292-5750.


Freshman year

At the end of the freshman year, students attend a series of workshops in which they learn about research within the subdisciplines of psychology and specifically, the areas of research that are ongoing in the department, the IRB process, research funding opportunities, and other research related topics. Before the end of spring semester, students select the lab they would like to work in for the upcoming three years.


Sophomore year

During the sophomore year, students begin working in their chosen lab during autumn semester. In May, students travel to the Midwestern Psychological Association’s annual conference in Chicago, Illinois, to see firsthand how research knowledge is communicated through symposia and posters. The goal of the sophomore year is to become acclimated to the research process and begin preparations for the Honors Thesis during the junior year.


Junior year

In spring of the junior year, students enroll in the first term of the Honors Thesis course (4999.01H) and begin working on their Honors Thesis. During the junior year, students are expected to complete their Honors Thesis with their research mentor (enrolling in 4999.02H in spring of senior year). In the spring semester, students will present their research at the Denman Research Forum and the Midwestern Psychology Association annual conference.


Senior year

During the senior year, students will work with their research mentor to extend their research experience and continue their professional development. This may include collecting additional data, completing a follow-up research project, working with their research mentor to prepare a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed or undergraduate research journal, presenting their work at a discipline-specific conference, or other opportunities supported by the research mentor.