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Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is open to all students with an interest in psychology. The intention for this group is to be a forum for intellectual exchange, provide opportunities for social interaction with peers, and be a source of information regarding psychology. The Psychology Club has held educational programs, social events, and service opportunities.

Psychology Club

From Left to Right:

Service Chair: Michael Bach

Co-President: Zoya Hodge

Co-President: Monica Zhang

Treasurer: Shannon Proctor

Social Chair: Anushka Mardolkar

Alison Baker

Organization email:

How to become a member:
Attend any one of our meetings and meet the following requirements to become a full member of the Psychology Club:

1) Must attend at least three meetings a semester.

2) Must have at least three service points per semester. More information will be released on how to take advantage of these service opportunities (such as charity walks, clean ups, etc.)

3) $15 dues (bring in anytime during semester)

Psych Club, Board Games
Above: Psychology Board Game Night!

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