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Psychology Enrichment Program


All Psychology students (and students interested in psychology) are invited to participate in the Psychology Enrichment Program (PEP). The Program helps students become more familiar and involved with the Psychology Department, the Advising Office, and Psychology faculty. These events encourage students to meet faculty outside of the classroom while being introduced to various topics in the field of psychology. Students are also introduced to career resources and exploration tools and research opportunities.

Psychology Enrichment Program

Autumn 2016 Events

Monday, September. 19th
4:00 PM
PS 35

Understanding Implicit Bias: How and When Our Actions Fail to Match Our Motivations
Dr. Russell Fazio

An overview of theory and research concerning implicit bias will be provided, focusing on a perspective that illuminates both the meaning of the term and the process by which it unfolds, sometimes without the individual’s awareness.

Thursday, October 6th
12:30 PM
PS 35

From Behavior to the Brain: Modeling Fetal Alcohol Exposure
Dr. Derick Lindquist

Current research on the neurotoxic effects of alcohol on the developing brain in a rat model fetal alcohol syndrome disorders (FASD) and its disruptions on different forms of Pavlovian conditioning.

Tuesday, November 8th
5:00 PM
PS 35

Career Exploration in Psychology
Laura Whitaker

Wondering what to do with a degree in Psychology? Overwhelmed with the idea of how to get there? This workshop provides an opportunity to assess your skills, interests, and values so that you can make informed career decisions. You will learn how to achieve your career goals by breaking down the process into manageable steps.

Lisa Libby Jennifer Cheavens