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Psychology Enrichment Program


All Psychology students (and students interested in psychology) are invited to participate in the Psychology Enrichment Program (PEP). The Program helps students become more familiar and involved with the Psychology Department, the Advising Office, and Psychology faculty. These events encourage students to meet faculty outside of the classroom while being introduced to various topics in the field of psychology. Students are also introduced to career resources and exploration tools and research opportunities.

Psychology Enrichment Program

Spring 2017 Events

Tuesday, January 31st
4:00 PM
PS 35

Mathematical Psychology? Are You Kidding Me?!
Dr. Trish Van Zandt

When students choose to major in psychology, math is not something they usually consider to be related to the discipline. However, many advances in our understanding of the brain and behavior have come from the application of math to psychological theories. Not many psychology majors have heard of mathematical psychology, despite its central importance to cognitive psychology and neuroscience. In this talk I will present the history and contributions of this part of psychology, and how I became a mathematical psychologist.

Wednesday, February 8th
4:00 PM
PS 35

Getting Involved in Research in the Psychology Department
Dr. Alisa Paulsen

Are you interested in research, but aren’t sure how to get started or what opportunities are available? Come and hear from other students who are involved in research in the department—learn how to get a position, what you do in a research lab, what’s involved in a thesis, places to present your research, and funding and scholarships for research.

Tuesday, April 4th
5:00 PM
PS 35

Mindfulness and Healthy Aging: Implications for Attentional Control and Psychological Well-Being
Dr. Ruchika Prakash

Dr. Prakash presents the recent research examining the benefits of mindfulness training for healthy aging. Drawing from cross-sectional and randomized controlled trials, this talk will provide an overview of what mindfulness is, the well-established benefits of mindfulness training, and suggest directions for future research.

Lisa Libby Jennifer Cheavens