Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University

2013 Richard J. and Martha D.

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Psychology Category

1st Place 

Jeffrey Barnett   

An Examination of the Factor Structure of the Working Alliance Inventory
in Cognitive Therapy for Depression

Advisor(s): Daniel Strunk

2nd Place 

Emily Sexton   

Middle Adolescents' Social Cognitive Beliefs Regarding School Misbehavior

Advisor(s): Chris Daddis

3rd Place 

Shelby Kretz   

A Test of the Diathesis-Stress Model of Depression in International Students in Spain

Advisor(s): Daniel Strunk

3rd Place 

Celynn Vaughn   

Exposure to Light at Night Impairs Mood in a Wavelength-Dependent Manner

Advisor(s): Randy Nelson and Tracy Bedrosian

3rd Place 

Thomas O'Connell   

fMRI Repetition Suppression for Scenes in PPA Depends on Identical Feature Representation

Advisor(s): Dirk Bernhardt-Walther and Per Sederberg

3rd Place 

Mariam Hussain   

Heart Rate Variability and Intrusive Thoughts Among Cancer Survivors

Advisor(s): Janice Kiecolt-Glaser

Social and Behavioral Sciences Category

1st Place 

Lauren Lopez   

  Corruption and International Aid Allocation: A Complex Dance

 Advisor(s): Trevon Logan and Nzinga Broussard

1st Place 

Shuvro Roy, Dheeraj Duggineni   

  Differential Analysis of Sociocultural and Health Impacts of the Bio-Sand Filter
and the Tulip Siphon Filter in Rural Nicaragua

 Advisor(s): Howard Werman

2nd Place 

 Alexis Goots   

  Post-Traumatic Bone Loss in Civil War Soldiers

 Advisor(s): Kari Bruwelheide and Doug Owsley

2nd Place 

 Melissa French   

  Preliminary Comparison of Subsistence Practices at Two Fort Ancient Villages

 Advisor(s): Robert Cook

3rd Place 

 Kelsey Shoub   

  Campaign Finance in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada

 Advisor(s): Paul Beck

3rd Place 

Chad Gossett   

  Does the Context Repetition Effect Extend to Multiple Repetitions?

 Advisor(s): Per Sederberg