Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University

Psychology Major


To declare a psychology major, watch our online information session


If your first term in a degree-granting program at OSU was Autumn 2011 or after:

If you started at OSU prior to Autumn 2011 or if you have not taken classes at OSU for at least a year, please see your psychology advisor for the correct requirements.

Psychology Minors


We offer 7 different minors in Psychology:

  • General Psychology Minor
  • Clinical Psychology & Individual Differences Minor
  • Developmental Psychology Minor
  • Organization & Performance Minor
  • Social Psychology & Personality Minor
  • Biological Bases of Behavior Minor
  • Psychology Research Minor


Requirements for all Psychology Minors

  • All minors in psychology are 15 credit hours.


  • Prerequisite for all psychology minors:
    • Psychology 1100

  • Required courses for all psychology minors:
    • Psychology 2220 (Data Analysis in Psychology)
    • Psychology 2300 (Research Methods in Psychology)
    • Three additional courses specific to the chosen minor