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The Department of Psychology is hosting its 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Colloquium on Monday, December 8, 2014 from 4:00-6:00pm in the Psychology Building lobby. We are inviting undergraduate psychology students who are involved in research projects (Honors Theses, Theses, independent research projects, Psychology 4998 experiences, and course research projects e.g., Psych 3340, Psych 4508, Psych 4520) to submit abstracts of their research. A poster session will be held from 4:00-6:00pm and will allow students to display and talk about their work. We will be using a similar poster format as the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum hosted by the University Honors and Scholars Program and the Office of Undergraduate Research. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to hearing about your research.

You have the OPTION of having your poster and presentation judged. If you decide to participate in the judging, indicate this on the registration form below by checking the appropriate box. If you decide to have your poster judged, you will be expected to give a two-minute presentation on your research and then respond to questions from the judges. Each poster will have two judges. Prizes will be awarded for first place ($75 gift card), second place ($50 gift card), and third place ($25 gift card).

Please submit your registration and your abstract by November 17, 2014. Abstracts and registration should be submitted electronically by filling out the form below. Abstracts should be between 250-500 words in length. The title, your name, and your project adviser’s name should be at the top of the abstract. Abstracts should include (a) the purpose of the study; (b) the research methods; (c) your findings; and (d) conclusions or implications. For an example, please download this sample abstract (PDF file).

Registration form is at the bottom of this page.

Winners of 2013 Psychology Research Colloquium

First Place - Mariam Hussain
Second Place - Kelsey Lewis
Third Place - Monika Wanis

Mariam HusseinKelsey LewisMonika Wanis


    1. The poster session will be held in the Psychology Building lobby.

    2. Each presenter will be assigned a 4' X 6' poster board. (The boards for the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum are 4' X 5').

    3. Columbus campus psychology students are eligible to have a poster printed for free through the Psychology Department.  Please note that poster printing may take up to one week.  Instructions regarding this will be sent to students once your abstract and registration is received.

    4. Presenters may come early to set up their presentation. Boards will be available for set-up starting at 2:00 PM. Presenters should have their posters ready before 4:00PM. If you would like to have your poster judged, then you need to have it set up by 2:45PM.

    5. If you choose to have your poster judged, judging will take place between 3:00PM and 4:00PM.  The awards ceremony will be at the conclusion of the colloquium.

    6. The poster boards are made of cork and rest on an easel. Think about the display of your information on the board. Lettering should be legible from about 5 feet away. Illustrations and graphs are best if simple and bold.

    7. Please bring your own tacks or push-pins. Tape or glue cannot be used.

    8. Presenters need to take down their own posters immediately following the conclusion of the poster session.

    9. Relax and have fun - and remember that you are the expert on your research project!
Questions may be addressed to Dr. Alisa Paulsen at (614) 292-5750.


Registration Form Due 11/17/14

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Abstract: (Please cut-n-paste your abstract in the box below; 500 word limit)

In submitting this abstract, I agree to present a poster at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Colloquium on Monday, December 8, 2014 in the Psychology Building.