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Career and Internship Services

  • Earn course credit for an internship by enrolling in Psych 3191





Additional Career and Internship Resources:

Career Counseling and Support Services
This is a must-see website! Career Counseling and Support Services offers a wide variety of services and assistance! They can help you assess your career interests, explore careers, occupations, OSU majors and graduate/professional schools, prepare resumes and cover letters, get ready for interviews, and much more! You do not want to miss out on these helpful services!

Arts and Sciences Career Services
If you are looking for individualized assistance with finding experiential learning opportunities such as an internships, volunteer positions, or off-campus research positions, this is the office for you! Arts and Sciences Career Services maintains a database of internship and employment postings called FutureLink ( . To broaden your connections with employers and internship sites in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors, you are encouraged to log into your FutureLink account during your freshman or sophomore year. For seniors looking for career employment for after graduation, FutureLink is used to administer the on-campus recruiting program. Registration is required to participate in on-campus interviews. If you’re seeking career counseling for full time employment after graduation, please visit Career Counseling and Support Services (

Office of Alumni Career Management
If you are a student who has already graduated or is no longer taking classes, this office will be able to help you with your career questions!

Common Graduate School Areas for Psychology Majors

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