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For Current OSU Psychology Students:

A degree in psychology provides students with a strong liberal arts foundation on which to build a career in any number of career areas. Students are encouraged to use multiple avenues to explore possible careers, including internship and volunteer experiences, internet searches, informational interviews, talking with faculty, friends, and family, and utilizing career resources on campus, such as Career Connection and Arts and Sciences Career Services. As a psychology student at Ohio State, you share a common bond with a large and diverse network of Ohio State University psychology alumni, many of whom are interested in sharing their personal career experiences with students. To find out more about the career directions of alumni, select a career field from the menu below. If you read about an alumnus you would like to learn more from, please call 292-5750 to schedule an appointment with a psychology advisor. During the appointment, we will provide you with the name and contact information of the alumni you wish to contact.
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