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Student Spotlight

Curious About OSU's Psychology Majors?
Listed are several OSU psychology undergraduates, showcasing the diversity and passions of our students. Check out what draws our students to the major, their accomplishments, and the ways in which they hope to use their degrees after graduation!

Student Spotlight


Class of 2017: Anna Hippler

Anna, from Canal Winchester, Ohio, will be graduating this spring with a BA in Psychology. Anna's favorite classes in the Psychology Department were those taken with Dr. Lisa Cravens-Brown. She enjoyed these classes because she felt they translated into her everyday life, and would encourage others to take course with Dr. Cravens-Brown if they have the chance. Anna stated that these classes in particular (Psych of Gender and Psych of Adolescent Sexuality) expanded her knowledge of "pressing issues in society, such as gender norms and stereotypes, as well as sexual violence."

Her advice to other psychology students is to get involved on campus. She has been a member of an acappella group, as well as a research assistant for both OSU in Educational Psychology as well as for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She feels getting involved, due to the actual hands-on experience, helps students narrow down what they want to do (or not do) after graduation.

Shortly after graduation, Anna will begin her studies in the Masters of Science Nursing program at OSU. She plans on specializing in Pediatric Primary Care.




Class of 2017: Jenn Eidemiller

Jenn, from Mason, Ohio, decided to study Psychology because she was interested in learning and understanding how and why people are motivated to create change.

Jenn started her research experience as an RA in the Subjective Perspectives Research lab. While in this lab, she spent time narrowing her interests down within the realm of Social Psychology. She is now in her final year and working in the Motivation and Cognition Lab. Jenn is completing her own thesis, which examines how people are motivated to accept feedback about their bias regarding women’s participation in STEM fields, specifically targeting egalitarians. One of her favorite moments was getting to present her own research at a poster forum; she found the experience to be incredibly motivating and validating.

For future students looking to work in a research lab, Jenn urges them to get involved early and reach out to graduate students and professors to learn more about their work.

After graduation, Jenn will continue volunteering for Buckeye Regional Anti-Violence Organization while taking a gap year before applying to graduate school.




Class of 2018: Dexter McNabb

Dexter from Westerville, Ohio, chose Psychology as a major because he has always been interested in exactly why people behave certain ways and the mechanics behind their behavior.

Dexter participated in the Psychology and Culture in Europe trip. When Dexter was asked to describe his education abroad trip to Rome, Venice, and London, he said that traveling abroad was the greatest experience of his life. The most unforgettable experience to him was learning to row a gondola in the canals of Venice, Italy. He also visited the island of San Servolo which held an old insane asylum that had been turned into a museum and college. Seeing the stark contrast of how mental health patients were treated in the past to the current treatment allowed him to have a greater appreciation for the progress that has been made and the contribution of psychology in this progress. He does regret taking a 4-hr nap in Venice, realizing all of the cool things he could have done instead of napping.

After graduation, Dexter plans to attend graduate school for School Psychology.