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Psychology 3191 – Internship in Psychology-Spring and Summer Semesters Only


















Frequently asked questions regarding internships:

  1. How do I find out about available internships?
  2. I have an internship. Can I get course credit for it?
  3. What are the prerequisites for Psych 3191?
  4. How much time commitment is involved in Psych 3191? When should I do an internship?
  5. How do I enroll in Psych 3191?

1. How do I find out about available internships?


  • Join FutureLink to view a database of current employment and internship postings geared toward Arts and Sciences majors. runs workshops on how to use FutureLink effectively.
  • Explore psychology-related internships on our CarmenWiki. In past years, psychology students have listed their internship sites on this database, along with their reflection on their internship.
  • Visit
  • Visit your Psychology Advisor to discuss internships that are related to your interests: you can also ask to see the huge binder loaded with information on more internships.
  • Come to the Psych Department’s Career, Internship, and Graduate School Fair. Here, you can speak with representatives from over 20 organizations that have job and internship opportunities for psychology majors. Remember to wear interview attire and bring copies of your resume!
  • Your own network is also a great place to find internship opportunities. Ask fellow students what kinds of internships or sustained volunteer jobs they’ve had. Ask your professors. Ask your advisors. Ask your parents. Ask people at your job or place of worship. Information can come from anyone within your personal network!
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2. I have an internship. Can I get course credit for it?


Yes! Psychology 3191, Internship in Psychology, is an online course that accompanies a psychology-related internship experience. This is a distance-learning course and all assignments will be on Carmen. Psych 3191 is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. As noted above, this course is only offered Spring semester

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3. What are the prerequisites for Psych 3191?


  • Psych 1100.
  • Psychology major or minor.
  • Internship must relate to Psychology (paid or unpaid).
  • Internship must promote skill development and hands-on learning.
  • Internship must be supervised.
  • Internship supervisor must evaluate your performance at the internship site, document the hours that you work at the internship, and complete an internship evaluation form.
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4. How much time commitment is involved in Psych 3191?


  • Psych 3191 must be taken in the same term as you are working at the internship. Retroactive credit is not permitted (e.g., if you completed an internship last year, you cannot enroll in Psych 3191 now).
  • Up to 3 credit hours of Psych 3191 can count toward your Psychology degree. Psych 3191 is repeatable to a maximum of 5 semesters or 15 credit hours. All Psych 3191 credit hours taken will count toward Upper Division hours and your total degree hours.
  • Enrollment hours are based on the hours that you will work at your internship this term (at least 37.5 hours per credit hour):
        • 1 credit hour of Psych 3191 = 38-74 hours at your internship (approx. 3-5 hrs/wk in a semester)

          2 credit hours of Psych 3191 = 75-112 hours at your internship

          3 credit hours of Psych 3191 = 113-149 hours at your internship

          4 credit hours of Psych 3191 = 150-187 hours at your internship

          5 credit hours of Psych 3191 = 188-224 hours at your internship

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5. I have an internship. How do I enroll in Psych 3191?


Enrollment is by instructor permission only. Once you have your internship secured, download the Enrollment Form. Once you fill out the Enrollment Form, submit it to the instructor by one of the following methods:

      Email to


      Drop off or mail to the Psychology Advising Office: 15 Psychology Building, 1835 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43210

Once the instructor has received your Enrollment Form, she will email you with further instructions.

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