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2013 Alumni Survey Results

In Fall 2013, the Psychology Undergraduate Advising conducted a survey of OSU Psychology graduates who received a B.A. or B.S degree between Spring 2002 and Spring 2012. These individuals were sent an email invitation to complete an online survey regarding their academic and professional experiences. 4,512 emails were successfully sent to alumni with the response rate being 16%.

Of the respondents, 59.3% were involved in research while an undergraduate at OSU and 20.9% completed an internship.

Estimated CumuEstimated Cumulative GPA at Graduationlative GPA at Graduation


Length of Time it Took Respondents to Find Employment After Graduation

Employment Information













Employment Category of First Job (more than one category can be chosen)

Employment Category of First Job














Salary at Current Position

Salary Range of Current Position















Type of Graduate Degree(s) Completed (more than one category could be chosen)

Graduate School














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