Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University

Research Experience

Psychology students have the opportunity to participate in research experiences under the supervision of a faculty member. Research experience strengthens an undergraduate degree and is strongly recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology, as well as for students desiring to develop research skills as a job skill. Participation in ongoing research opportunities enables students to test their interest in research and interact more closely with faculty members who share those interests.

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Research Opportunities

Psychology 699 Requires the
following prerequisites:

  • Psychology 100
  • Permission of Instructor

Students may sign up for varying amounts of course credit. For every credit hour taken, students are expected to work three hours per week on the research project. Amount of credit and scheduled times are negotiated with the faculty supervisor. Psychology 699 is graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory. For a list of common questions and answers regarding Psychology 699, please Click Here.