Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University

Psychology 3310H

Sensation and Perception (Honors)

Examination of how observers perceive their environments through sensory information; emphasis on vision and audition.


Credit Hours: 3


Honors standing and Psych 1100, 1100H, or 1100E

Meets the following Psychology Major Goals:


Knowledge Base in Psychology

  • Describe key concepts, principles, & overarching themes in psychology
  • Develop working knowledge of psychology's content domains
  • Describe applications in psychology


Scientific Inquiry & Critical Thinking

  • Use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena
  • Demonstrate psychology information literacy
  • Engage in innovative & integrative thinking & problem solving


Professional Development

  • Apply psychological content & skills to career goals
  • Develop meaningful professional direction for life after graduation

Psychology Major:

Core B: Cognitive Psychology

Psychology Minors:

Core B elective for General Psychology

General Education:

Syllabus: View Sample Syllabus

Additional Notes:



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