Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University

Psychology 2367.02

Abnormal Psychology Analysis

Major psychological disorders, such as anxiety, mood, and personality disorders, will be clinically described and diagnostically defined. Students will compare and contrast symptoms of psychological disorders with non-disordered behaviors, cognitions,&


Credit Hours: 3


Psych 1100(H), and English 1110.01, 1110.01H, 1110.02, 1110.02H, 1110.03, or equiv, and Soph standing or above.

Meets the following Psychology Major Goals:


Knowledge Base in Psychology

  • Describe key concepts, principles, & overarching themes in psychology
  • Develop working knowledge of psychology's content domains
  • Describe applications of psychology


Scientific Inquiry & Critical Thinking

  • Use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena
  • Engage in innovative & integrative thinking & problem solving



  • Demonstrate effective writing for different purposes
  • Interact effectively with others


Professional Development

  • Refine project-management skills

Psychology Major:

Core C: Clinical and Developmental Psychology

Psychology Minors:

Core C elective for General Psychology; Elective for Clinical Psychology & Individual Differences

General Education: GE Writing and Communication: level 2

Syllabus: View Sample Syllabus

Additional Notes:



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